The Bone

I remember the evening we first met,

You, fresh from the butchers, filled with the aroma of a life just lost,

Now here to give me pleasure and comfort.

Me, surrounded by a smiling family, encouraging our relationship.


The bone was my not my first, but you were great.

Cast out by humans, who did not consider you worthy,

But to me you were a prize, a friend, the precious essence of another …

Now embodied in food, extending my personality, something I could hold … it seemed forever.


Now, I remember all the bones.

The smaller ones, delicate and easier to crunch, which I eventually consumed.

Large bones, indestructible and awkward to carry were fun;

However, you lasted, and were loaded with the extra reward of marrow for persistence.


This bone, neither large or small, given on summer’s eve, was my favorite.

I should bury you. Along with all the other bones.

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