This great experiment of change,

And the desire to do so,

Or just to have,

Drives most everything.


My animal instincts,

To be warm, fed well, to have enough,

Or even more.

To propagate the species, to love; and to be in control of others.


Oh misplaced love, how you have abused my soul,

Tricking me into mistaking love for lust,

And desire for a holy longing,

All to make change happen, both good and bad.


Yet, all these desires reach their fulfillment through change,

At the instant when desire becomes passion,

And is completed in acting,

With or without reference to You.


In a shame filled analysis, where only truth is left in the room,

It is all my fault, or not.

The good is all You, where selflessness reigns,

And gluttony, lust and self-gratification where I stood, attempting to win.


For now, I see it clearly,

All change comes from within, and its consequences.

But only good will come through You.

I am a mere reflection.


Of the scene that is my life. Like a river viewed through Your lens; fragments in focus, some not.

Reflection Stow Walk bwclip_image002

An April Fools Lament … – Things (I thought) That Were Once True

Money can buy Happiness.

Lonely people deserve themselves as company.

Ugliness is the opposite of beauty.

Love can be purchased.


Self-satisfaction will last.

Regrets should be passed over like a bump in the road.

People bring their own luck to life.

Appearances are not deceptive.


Smiles should be rationed for when they do me good.

Joy is a girl’s name.

Love is a power to be used for my ends.

Forgiveness is a sign of weakness.


God is not present in all things.