Love is only what matters.

We express our feelings through it alone.

By its absence,

Or presence.

When we do, we experience union with God,


And others, who are the object of our love for them.

Home for the Weekend


The early morning voice of the American Airlines rep

Gives me the details of the cost of getting home early.

Yes you are confirmed on standby Sir,

“Does that mean I can get on?”

“ ‘No, it means you can wait, and see if you can get on;

If you want to get on, you can buy another ticket and I will charge you for changing your ticket’ ”


So, I am dreaming of another world,

One where someone didn’t want to rob me because I wanted to see the wife sooner that evening,

The dog’s wagging tail,

A log fire on a cool fall evening.


So wake up Michael, and head for the airport,

Your punishment awaits you.

Or is it penance?

The Remains of the Day

IMGP2213 (1)

The cars stop in succession,

Attracted by a setting sun

Punctuating the day with meaning,

After a day somewhat devoid of it.

Suddenly, the three meet,

Waiting eagerly to capture a moment in 1/250 of a second

Recorded for ever somewhere,

But now a permanent reminder of their encounter.

When most chance, and wonderful meets are wasted but not forgotten.


I am not disturbed

Or confused,

But perplexed.

Why would they behave this way?

Only for short term gain.

Why don’t they see what I see?

Is this a movie or worse a play?

A play where the script

is being written by another force;

One they don’t see or recognize

overtaking their lives.

Leaving me here like some bystander

Who can see the consequences,

When no one else seems to care.


Or is this a call to action?

Not to just regret or pray for change in others;

Not of the body or mind

But of the heart.

This observational state I am now in

Let’s me see the actions

And but a glimpse of motivation,

Mostly it shows me futility

And meaninglessness in a 3D movie

Now my working life.

So perplexing.

Yet there is something more than just the perplexing;

Like dynamic revelation

I see more, yet don’t quite understand

Perhaps that’s enough for now.

And if I pour love in the stew I see

All will see the meal they are creating.

Leading them to change.