Going, Going, Gone.

Another move, this time expected yet unexpected.

The news finally sinks in as the confirmation email arrives; from JetBlue.

Boston to Los Angeles, one-way, check in two hours in advance.


Meanwhile, decisions are made regarding what in life is important …

And can fit into two pieces of checked in baggage.

Unreasonable decisions, yet ones to be made.


Too fast now to consider, reflect, it is a time to act again.

As the skier leaves the top of the black diamond headwall,

There is no time for a change or heart, more baggage or dallying.


Just time to go, and trust in a divine darkness which beckons.









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The Refractors

Each one takes light and deflects it, just a little,

Adding color, interest and a message to those it shines on.

Showing grace to all in their path.

† Alleluia. †


The Road is Paved

The Road is Paved,

Always present, yet unknown to me,

The road was paved.


Rubber necking in the hedgerows; searching for gleaming palaces,

Distraction and desires,

Amused for years, concealing myself with my selfishness.

And myself.


Now all is clear.

The road is paved.

It is straight,


Simple and waiting,

For consent, intention and finally,

Desire to be aligned.


All that is left is action,

As the tractor beam of love draws me forward,

For there is no other option.


Consent is the willingness to be open,

To invite God and others to meet you

Without agenda,

And to leave some distractions behind.

In hope you may be authentic


When you meet in a darkened, still room.


I consent.

Make Some Noise

He stood among us

Not a stranger

Not separate

Not Just divine


Which He was


But fully human.


Seemed like a Sayer of sooths

Interpreter of sacred scripture

Purveyor of knowledge


Which He was


But He was also us


He was with us

He was in us

He was us

He is the I am.


Not just authority

Not just more instructions

Like the Old Testament


But more.


This time human

Creating us

Feeling us

Being us

In community

In love


Together redefined


So let us not watch

But watch through his eyes


Let us not hear the cries

But feel them in our hearts


Let us not standby

But act now


And make the noise of a Christian in the World.



Maybe a misunderstanding,

Or perhaps something more deliberate.

The simple, authentic soul keeps the truth clean,

Avoiding the avoidance,

and excuses,

Never dealing underhand.


But humble transparency in all.


Only then, can love emerge.