When I was New …


When I was new the road was not busy,

The trees did not shade me as much as they do,

The kids cleared the leaves,

And the swing set was not creaky.

When I was new.


When I was new, my paint was so bright,

And windows so clear, all could see in.

The lawn was littered with children and bicycles,

Screaming and playing … when I was new.


Now the men are inside with their hammers,

Knocking my walls and inspecting my innards,

Just to determine what should come next.

Now I am nervous.


I wish I was new.

Think With Your Heart


Think with your heart,

Easily said,

But then I remain hidden in the crowd.


Think with your heart,

I feel the tugging yet I remain silent,



Think with your heart,

Too much, I will respond,

And do the uncomfortable thing.


And suddenly,

Find others following.

Entering the labyrinth

Entering the labyrinth for the last time.
This time there is a seat in the middle,
Where I can gaze at my life and the Lord,
And bathe in peace,
Not just a glance this time,
But a long stare,
Where the warmth fills my bones,
And my soul.

I remain. With gratitude and love.