The Effect of Light and Dark


I remember those mornings, on the darkish country lanes of England.

Thinking silently while inhaling the fresh, damp, cold,

Morning air.


While the motorcycle hummed beneath me,

It was not a distracting noise, rather soothing.

As the ride gently moved from dusky darkness,

As light seeping onto the planet,

Awakening my day.




What a delight I have enjoyed all my life,

Seeing and feeling the day and night,

Its temperature changes,

Affecting attitudes,




And most of all.


Let me replay these days again,

To feel the touch of God in my life today.

And why when light falls or fades,

Meaning becomes obvious to me.


Why are there always more?

They are always there,

More people awaiting quietly

In the darkness

Cold, naked, silent,

Facing front and the light

But somehow not seeing it.

So I turn once more into the deep,

Peering intensely until the shape emerges

Once hidden but now clearer,

From silhouette to form

Until, motionless they call out in silence

The silence of emptiness

And separation.

So I am called again to walk to them

And place the cloak of warmth

And love and safety

Around their naked body

Releasing their frozen dull form

As we walk together

Towards a visible light



I wake in the morning and all on my mind is packing,

Finding it all in the drawers I used,

Not leaving the charger of my laptop

in some forgotten corner,

Thinking of what time the plane will leave,

Of what the traffic will be like,

Of time for breakfast for not.


This last day,

Instead of relaxing and reflecting on the vacation together,

Of time in the Bistro,

Walking the streets,

Visiting the Cathedral,

Or admiring the view,

I have already left.

So packing will be relegated to

The last minute,

And packed away in its proper place.

A small exercise on my journey,

Essential but irrelevant in the grand scheme.

Never to dominate or control my day again.


Let Me Into Your Life

IMGP1476 (1)

Let me into your life,

Let me be close to you without restriction,

Without expectations,

Just open to listening.

As a human who loves you.

Even though you do not know me;

At all or well.




It matters not.

For we can be friends like no others,

Just be being open to each other,

And God.

The three of us can rest in each other.

This beautiful day.


Let mistrust be gone this day.

And let the only change be borne of God’s desire.

Not my selfish needs.







Hail glorious St. Patrick

Dear saint of our isle

….. What a wondrous song.

I never really heard the words before

But now they shout from the mountain tops

And deepest canyons of my soul.


It is whence I came,

The Celtic root,

Where I return on my knees to lough Derg each year

In an attempt to understand.


Why someone said they saw St Patrick

Walking across a parking lot

On a Saturday afternoon

At a church in New Hampshire mountains.


That was me

Searching for an identity

Steeped in roots of religious change

Fifteen centuries ago

And ready for the same today.


For then they mistook God for the sun and the land

When now we deny his existence

And live in a void of emptiness

Filled with noise and self-love.


For Love is all around

waiting to be seen.

She’s the One


Knowing at first sight is not a feeling,

It’s a sense of onlyness.

This person is the one,

Beyond all others,

Not desire,

Desire is inadequate,

Not compulsion,

Because there is no avoidance in the move towards her,

Not reason,

As there is no “no” in the option list.


Just love,

That will be perfected in how ever many years we have together,

And many indelible stamps and souls left along the way.


I love her now, as always.