The Story of the Well


An undernourished well receives no sympathy,

Once used, or unreplenished they leave me to nature;

Suddenly I am now a landmark of where others used me,

And then deserted me, once I was spent.


Yet, I am not done, but rather waiting,


Until I can be of service again.

New Jerusalem – The Shard of Light


Perfection. Alignment. Peace.

No longer freewill,

now fully harnessed and beautifully out of my control.

More powerful, not persuasion but within,

implanted and indwelling;

like a second heart, deep inside,

a soul felt, awakened and palpable,

radiating peace and harmony,

excluding all else.

Washing away sin as if it never happened.

Replacing pain with beauty, water with blood.

Blood-borne life itself, not drained by death,

a transfusing and infusing love.


This overwhelming silence,

glowing within, replaces all earthly happiness,

a glimpse of New Jerusalem, heaven on earth.

A tasting of what is to come,

new senses … indescribable,

make all happenings past and those to come, (in this wonderful temporary garden),

Have meaning.

Because every second, every interaction, every glance, every moment … does.