Easter has passed again, as has Lent. Yet this year it seems different. Boy is it different! Depending on your job or activity during the time of the COVID-19 crisis, your life may have a lot more space in it, or it is overfilled. Regardless, there seems to be time to reflect on what is happening to us; even if we are going at a thousand miles an hour to deal with all which is our lives.

Lent brought on a new meaning this year for me. A feeling of what it is to be totally out of control of events. Where I did not make things happen but instead had to react and adapt to what was happening to me. Not only that, but the rules and character of these changes was (and is) happening on a daily basis. This feeling of being out of control is one of the worst things we can feel as our humanity tries to keep hold of our lives. And yet, there is another angle to this, the perspective of surrender, of offering ourselves to God fully, without any holdback. Acceptance of what is happening around us allows us to respond with God to be at the forefront.

This Easter Sunday was the celebration of new life, spiritually within ourselves, physically with Spring now in full bloom in California. It was also my 40th wedding anniversary to Sally, our Teen Formation Director. What a beautiful journey and blessing that has been for me, perhaps less so for Sally Seriously, we have been two of the lucky ones, as far as soulmates are concerned.

As we head into the new Liturgical Year, perhaps this year we can consider not just one Easter, but each day being a little Ressurection, a small Lent, a minor rendering of the Passion of Jesus Christ. For, more than ever before, we are all one in Christ Jesus.

This pandemic has unified humanity in a special way, and those who want to splinter this union becomes obvious in their acts. But also those who are making a sacrificial call to holiness are doing so in a universal way. In ways I have never seen before in my life. God Bless the Body of Christ.

God Bless us all.


A Soulmate in Los Angeles

What was I thinking?

How can I feel this so deeply?

Aren’t we supposed to ration love?

Only to give it to those really close?

So they can know I love them more?



Love is unlimited.

There is no limit.

To the amount.

Who to give it to.

And how I feel about it.


So, worry not about soulmates.

Even if there to many,

And you find yourself in love with …

Well. Everyone to some extent.


And some who cannot do anything but give.

Because it is The Way.


Love does not need an agenda,

An explanation,

A reason even.

For we are all immersed in an ocean of love,

If only we try to stop swimming ashore,

And trust in outcomes.


For we cannot drown in a sea of love.

We will only feel its warmth and connectedness.