Where is Home?

There are thousands of us, who make me up,

what I am, whatever that is.

Seems like my parents would be the closest,

But even they, don’t seem to know who they are,

but rather their parents, rather better.


Why am I looking backward to see who I am?

Like a girl in a row boat,

looking back but going forward.


I am unsure.

The Wisdom of the Candle

A candle uses only what it needs to stay alit,

no more oxygen than that,

burning at a constant rate,

based on worker bees travail.


Once alighted, I brighten a darkened room,

flickering my thoughts,

of a day spent,

and helping others consider ones they own.


Reflective, like an interior mirror,

those around me consider and savor the day,

and learn that enjoyment and happiness

reside fully in the present.


Not just taking oxygen out,

but outpouring light and warmth.

Smoke; my visible thoughts,

are offered up to God,

as ascending prayers,

vanishing from view, as they are happily received.


Teach me the wisdom of the candle.


New Anointing

Not the normal blessing,
But a shower of visible grace.
The paperwork arrived;
red from His blood,
a passport smearing our souls. Forevermore.

Voices raised to the full, singing prayers aloud.
Joy streamed through a chapel,
calling us and His name,
in perfect harmony.

Surrounded by love, we are suddenly protected,
and commissioned in instants …
man would call time,
and God calls anointing.

Marks of baptism and confirmation now refreshed,
With inner love and new knowledge,
packed firmly inside, for all to see.

And us to use.


Smoke particles drift upward, merging, mingling,

sweetening the air,

praising as they surround the Word.


For just a passing, dissipating, moment.

Water from mountain streams,

makes its way to farm and city dwellers.


Purifying, refreshing, rewarding, sustaining,

the simplest and most complex of lives.

People blend into the blur of metropolis.

Going somewhere to find someone to talk to;

in the meantime ignoring each other on their journey.

As if all infected with some disease.


But others see meaning in it all.

I Thirst

Seeking, desperately seeking meaning in a life,
creates a thirst beyond satisfying.
We look for the connection, where need is fulfilled totally.

At a well, but without an vessel to drop in,
Or a rope long enough to reach the
clear cool, water of life waiting for us at the bottom.

We long for unity,
with the One who can satisfy me,
in all ways.

To receive those water droplets,
cooling and refreshing as mountain streams
meets me where my need is.

To have complete peace and love.

Limit to Love

Is there a limit to love?

So much you cannot stand it

Seems you are going to burst,

Or just a little fragment to hang onto when all seems lost.


In an ocean of incomprehensible love,

We pass through currents which draw our souls magnetically,

And wash us up on shores of discontent.

Only to be lapped back into the ocean for sun filled days of plenty.


The days when the salt is strong in our mouths,

Healing wounds on our back from sufferings,

Let us know it is true.


There is no limit to love.

Love Remains

Love remains.
Staying, not like a stain, something to be pushed off, brushed away, cleaned
rather indwelling in a heart, but more than tissue,
feelings, or fleeting moments.

It stays, remains, as permanent as a memory inerasable,
indelible, but not written anyway, so you cannot see it,
But still it remains.

Waiting patiently for you to notice its presence.