I’ll Do Anything

I will do anything to love you.


Stay close to love you,

Move apart to give you space,

Wash the dishes,

Feed the dog,

Change my habits,

Make the bed.


I will do anything to love you.


Get a new job,

Visit the dentist,

Fix the lawnmower,

Listen more attentively,

Or just hear you when you talk,

Compliment you without prompting.


I will do anything to love you.


Because I want to belong,

To you;

To be claimed,

To give all my love,

Without the hold back,

Or agenda.


I will do anything to love you.


So the answer is Yes,

Each day,

Without fail,

Or reservation.


And it is to all of you.

Staying Put


Staying Put.


Never leaving the village,

Never changing the job,

Never asking the girl (or boy) out,

Never speaking up,

Never taking risk,

Never leaving the room,

Never learning the new thing;

Until it appears too late.


But suddenly, I notice, evening has not yet come.

An Ocean of Love

Thrown into the stream,

Now gushing waters toss my body through the rapids, the waterfalls,

And yet rocks, smoothed from the ages,

Ensure travel is unimpeded by pain,

Until eventually,

I am at the estuary of my life.


Now, in the ocean I am floating,

Searching for souls who will be in this community of love,

Which is now my life.


The early journey just a relevant past.


Community of Love

Surrounded, now it seems like it is complete,

Or at least more than beginning.

The love which I feel for others,

And the need to connect with them astounds my heart,

Jumping and leaping with each new connection,

Searching for empathy, each moment.


This ever-expanding universe is the one of which de Chardin talked,

Where grace is never lost, merely shared in every increasing portions,

Until I am finally surrounded by love on all sides.


Making it visible where sadness and pain reside;

Where the communities work lies waiting.