Seeking Peace or “The Way Out”

Lake Reflection  BW DSC_4650


Sometimes, we seek Peace by leaving the building,

Taking time and leaving the everyday,

Separating ourselves from all that is our lives.

Repelling it.


Bursting with unending chaos or unfulfilling boredom,

We head for the “way out”…  the exit,

Getting away from all those annoying people,

Even those closest to us.


But this cannot be real Peace, the “false” peace of separateness,

All this can do is reveal our path,

Illustrating the fork in the road ahead,

Tasting beauty helps, but the wonder is already present.


In our everyday.

Everyone and Everything

Regrets worthwhile, lay on the street or the field of some forgotten place,

Where a decision, or not, was made to encourage a friendship,

Whether an invitation was given or taken back,

Each provided the backdrop of a life we left behind at that moment,

Perhaps never to return.


But my effect on them helped form the other, as it formed me.

Self Portrait DSC_4185

The Details

I can remember the color of the clothing wore on an English summer’s day,

The shade of the trees, the air full in the excitement of the new,

Walking in a country park, worthy of a Bronte novel.

The painting like a John Constable; with life inserted.


Such is recall, not to be confused with recollection,

Or evening remembering.

Remembering is tinged with the scent of regret, or a repainting of what recall tells us.

Recall is true reliving of the experience, but now, somehow, with understanding. Unhampered by time.


It is understanding of what each moment means, and how it has affected others, including me.



What use is a life unlived for good?

And who defines what is good?

Both natural and supernatural laws make it clear,

If we are not animals, we should follow both.


But Good will prevail. Love will persist.





A continuum of misunderstanding,

Science seeking truth; a truth to be trusted.

Only in trust can faith be born and then carried to our heart.

Leaving much remaining a mystery.


The one truth all can agree is creation was not man made,

Only a breadth of life can be given by One who controls life,

Regardless of scientific origin,

Reverse engineered by a more educated and developed mankind.


So by all the means and references we have,

Time, place, climate, geography, anthropology, evolution,

We can only muse on the big picture,

Of a timeless, endless, placeless development of man and of love.


And trust in God; who made it all.


Small landscape Harvard BlueSmall landscape Harvard Blue


All those places children school rooms, teenage first loves, routine business travel,

All merge but yet are separate,

It is what happened there;

Who was involved;

How it felt which matters.


So now, after all those years the separation is gone,

Just like yesterday I see the country road,

The teaming city of Cairo, the cape coastline,

It’s not the place I was separated from,

As memory or recollection places me there now fully aware.


There are no roads of separation,

Of country boundary,

Traditions or the amount of sugar in my tea.

Only oneness. One road. One journey.

One place.