The Entrance



Made of twigs and reeds, knitted with ancient care,

The entrance places itself precisely where there is no need for one.

In the middle of a forest clearing,

It seems to serve no purpose at all.


Making its presence all the more alluring.






My mind is not motionless,

Yet, I seem frozen on this lovely day.

Another situation where I cannot seem to concentrate,

While it appears to others I am perfectly so.


So today I will try and make the internal and external movements the same.

In an attempt at synchronicity.

The Green Chair


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The Green Chair awaits me.

Full of its emptiness, a newer older legacy.

Discarded in a building with little purpose today;

Sitting hopefully, someone may want to use me again.


But realistic enough to know my time may be over in this place.

Another Day



Once again, the day comes without interruption,

Stamping the ground with another soft step,

But one which always lands, consistent, reliable, unavoidable.

So it is up to me to change the outcome,


Or let it pass unnoticed.