The Chaos


Littered around the floor,

The materials from a hundred projects is laid out,

Perfectly imperfect.

Perhaps it does not look so bad to me,

Sort of a lovely disorganization,

A ready-made list of things to do for the day.


Let me look at the chaos for a moment or two.

Stretched in the Darkness



My cable seems to be at breaking point again; but I am strong.

I can take a little more weight,

Even though I am running out of places to tie the wire,

Perhaps one more time.


However, like the swan, I appear strong and smooth,

Holding up what needs holding,

Seemingly indestructible and able to embrace forever,

To all those around me.


Such is the strength given to me to prevail … for one more day.

The Loom and the Mill


The clatter of the loom can still be heard,

If you listen carefully sounds of ancient voices and small paychecks opening can be heard,

Only to be turned in at the local hostelry,

Or at a grocery store on a cold walk home.


All that remains are the floors and big windows,

Streaming light to save owners cash,

Until at last they have none,

As China breaks silently into all the lives of the mill.


Relieving poverty in one location, for new hardships in another.



The sandpaper feel is burnished by a pre-sunset glow,

Darkening the crevices and brightening the surface,

Making me feel like I am looking at a textured topping,

Applied by the confectioner just to make me notice.


Which he did.