One Dog’s Life

So today I can’t remember what I did yesterday,

Just like the day before,

And the one before that.


I had a great walk this morning,

My dad and mom are the greatest,

And they fed me the most delicious food,

Plus cool water from the never-ending well in the kitchen.


Now I get to lie down till lunchtime,

By my dad’s chair,

Warming his feet,

Feeling sleepy.


See you at lunchtime.

Have a wonderful day.
Like every day,

Because there is no tomorrow.




Whence forth was once behind me,

Stored in vague memories of things done,

Encounters of note, or not.

Like a long lost photo,

Unremembered till exposed once again.


Now there is no before,

No separate time of reflection,

Of those thoughts or actions,

Which may have changed a course,

Littered with consolations or regrets.


Today is not alone,

Not even friends with yesterdays,

As they are not past,

But as present as now.


The new word is always,

Without tense.



Leadership is sacrifice,

Not for glory, on some high ground.

To place a flag pole showing prowess,

Which will be blown down by another,

Or decayed with the disinterest of time.


Leadership is wanting to care more for others,

Or their honest rights.

For those who want to harm no one,

Who desire to live in peace,

And harmony with mankind.


Leadership places self not even at the end of the line,

But true selflessness at the front,

Where humility is not confused with leading,

But becomes obvious by its motive.

The only motive which counts.




The Fountainhead and the Brook


The Fountainhead is not the brook,

The brook is not the source,

Yet, they both contain the same living water.

The same essence.

Refreshment and life together.


The window lets us see the light,

Emitting from the house afar,

Yet, it is not light itself,

Not the source, or a transmitter,

But makes the source visible.


The Golden Lion is not a lion,

But of pure gold inwardly and out,

Its essence remains,

Only the form has changed.


So the essence of God resides within,

A kingdom awaiting,

If only we can see with our hungry heart,

Not selfish eyes.


The Cornerstone

Build it on sand if you like to live on the beach,

But don’t expect it to bear the weight of life;

Remembering who decided to make this place home.


The rock is a foundation you can rely on,

Steady, supportive and designed to last for many generations.

For you to be one with all before and after.








Inspired by:

Jäger, Willigis  (2013-04-04). Search for the Meaning of Life: Essays and Reflections on the Mystical Experience, Revised Edition (Kindle Location 3859). Liguori Publications. Kindle Edition.


What if

What is every act was not your own, solely.

Every decision not totally in your control.

Each response a little more reasoned than you expected.

Outcomes so much better than you thought.


What if?


I Found You Again … Dad




The old man traveled many miles to find the old headstone,

Planted many years ago,

Almost now just barely visible,

In old recollections.


Now, searching he finds the place,

And streams of memory and neglect rush over him,

Like a deluge of empty time,

Which should have been spent together.


I AM sorry dad.






The Hunger

Each encounter is filled with a need to change,

To influence,

To share,

To know more,

To love,

To be with you.


When on a computer,

On the subway,

At the coffee shop,

In a classroom,

At an interview,

I am always hungry for you.


Wanting to connect,

For you to see not who I am,

But what I am,

What fills me,

With uncontrollable love for you.



Always the hunger is there.