Listen to Me

Sure I hear you,

Yes, you mentioned it already,

No, I am not looking at my computer while you are talking,

<<Don’t you have something interesting to say?>>


Wow, is it that time,

I think we are done here.

Very interesting.




The Body and Blood

The mystery of the Trinity continues,

We know and feel the pain of rejection of your own people,

Physical pain has a limit,

Mental anguish less so,

Jesus endured both just for others.


So we might see the main ingredient of suffering and compassion.



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Birds at Dawn

Drifting aimlessly in a sea of distractions,

I yearn for some Peace today,

Taking a run,

Sitting with a book,

Watching the ocean.


Facebook … twitters to me on the beach,

Bringing me back to some meaningless turmoil,

Gossip I could not afford to miss,

Or comment on.

Power off.


As silence and darkness beckons blissfully,

Towards an empty mind.