It takes Discipline to Relax

It takes discipline to relax,

Program some more time into a busy schedule,

Exercise time

Study time

WORK time

Family time

Movie time

More Work time

Soccer game time

Shopping time

Grandma time

More Work time

Vacation time

Time with friends

Time with God.


Now what was this poem about?

The Waves of Peace

Waves of peace rush over me.

Now I sit, drenched in love and consolation.


God’s desire to soak my soul in Love, like a sponge till it drips with His grace,

spills out, uncontrollably;

dousing the fire of my will;

replacing it with the peace only known,

of His Love.


Silently, I drown in Full, Active Participation.

Aware for an instant at least.


My mother nurtured me,

inside and outside the womb,

caring, feeding, clothing …

under a vast tent.

Manufactured from God’s tapestry of love.


“I will fix a place for my people Israel;” 2 Samuel


Hiding in the house

Lived in for many years.

A ghostly vision to new owners,

Taking something for a long time, not mine to take.


Making myself known,

shocks the family there,

The fakeness of a life,

Lived as a true fake.


Borrowed time, insincere thoughts,

driven by self-pleasure and adrenaline alone.

True rejection of reality … and God.

Living for each moment rented, but unpaid, undeserved.

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Nature’s Whitecaps


An ineffable energy sends waves of awareness towards me.

Nature, seems to know itself,

and sets a special place amongst it all.

Not just walking on grass, beholding trees, sensing sun on a body.

But at one with all.

Living, breathing, participating, a fulfilled consciousness of soul.


As designed; as created; as God intended.

Bullets of the Mind

Bullets leave without instructions,

mostly without intention.

Randomly passing harmlessly,

leaving only a whistle to indicate death was close.


The turmoil of war, unlike Hollywood,

is chaotic, perhaps good fortune determining outcomes;

enemies undistinguished from friends,

hate or love removed from a game seemingly played by Greek Gods of War.


In this decision making hell,

I rely entirely on instinct,

those who I think are my friends,

and God.