The volcano simmers again pushing magna from the reservoir of irritation and frustration.

Dying to release impatience from fiery blockages,

slowed by the artificial doorways of silence and tongue-biting.


Only peace can quell such fury in an instant

Peace received from within and from God.


Gospel of Mark

“Everyone will be salted with fire. Salt is good, but if salt becomes insipid, with what will you restore its flavor? Keep salt in yourselves and you will have peace with one another.”





Psalm 55


And I say, “Had I but wings like a dove, I would fly away and be at rest. Far away I would flee; I would lodge in the wilderness.”


Time to take a few moments out today for reflection.

The Saints Among Us

They are all around us,

Unsung, often quietly doing their work,

never unnoticed.

They always seem to add the right ingredient to a situation;

Saying something to make you stop and think,

or saying nothing, often with greater meaning.


What is most obvious is there is only one agenda in their life.

It drives what they do, their unlimited patience,

humility, willingness to offer services without thinking of themselves.


Because it is not their self which drives them. It is God’s will.

I Love My Hobby

I loved my hobby,

It stood scintillating,

Causing all sorts of distractions to my day job

which seemed dull and unchallenging.


So I went back to school,

Studied hard, passed exams

and now, suddenly,

My life is my hobby.


But wait, I have to travel all the time,

Be away from those I love,

glazing at glittering gems I will never wear

And use my skills to determine if others can.


Perhaps hobbies are left to be … well hobbies

A Million Memories

A million memories race through my mind,
too many to capture and feel
too few because of the interruption of you.

Goodbye is not a word that works for now.
Too short and final
somehow impermanent,
unlike our love and times together
which was and is

Now I need to grasp those memories,
And preciously hold them in our two hands.
Because love cannot be extinguished,
And our love is eternal.

A Family

It’s no longer just me and her,

him and me.

Gone are days of window shopping

for pleasure or meaning.


All is changed now.

An instance of our love is here,

an everlasting soul,

our beautiful child,

a gift from God.

Now we are different.

No longer just love shared together

but love outpouring, boundless, inseparable, without limit.

We are a family.

Teddy Goes To Charity

Misbehaving again,

so mom decides to teach me about a new word … charity.

“I am going to take this teddy from you and give it to a Charity.”

She takes Ted and gives him away.


Fortunately, it was not one of my favorites, so I didn’t miss it at all.