Patience needs to be learned,
Like landing a plane,
slowing down from one speed to another’s.
Changing my mode from air to land;
bringing a mind into view
before comes the response.

This time I will try and slow down
and understand before flying by the person and
hurling a comment or another
for disturbing my peace.

Let me retain my peace in one hand
and hold this new thing … patience
in the other.
In joyful union.

One Love

Like an ill-defined category, love defies all descriptions,

Yet, everyone describes it.  

Brotherly love,

Reserved for brothers.


Sisterly love,

Only for sisters.


Love for parents,

Special for fathers and mothers.


And romantic love,

For those we want to touch forever (and possess).

All of these loves and not special or separate,

Although we each have them in our own catalogs, albums and keepsakes.


For there is only one love.

One source of love.

A love indescribable.

Where we sit on our beach property and look out into it,

And realize we are nothing more than it as we enter.


An ocean of love. Where we are fully embraced. And connected.