A Wandering Stream

A wandering stream, cuts a path where resistance is low,

It’s natural inclination, do little with little power,

when the snow melts, it digs a little deeper,

moving rocks and dirt further downsteam,

Creating fertile plains that will grow the crops of our lives.


“aspire to live a tranquil life,”


The Silent Sign

A homeless man with a sign around his neck, states silently,

            “Give to the Homeless Mission”

            drivers wait, stopped by the red light,

            windows firmly closed as if broken.

Should I avert my stare and resist this silent call?



“Then come, follow me.”

Gospel of Matthew

The First Flicker of Love

From the first flicker of love, comes a firestorm,

            Of magnificent beauty, of life,

            created by love alone, an image made by God,

            now beats safely inside two wombs.

Cousins both separate and related, wave to each other with joy.


“Children were brought to Jesus that he might lay his hands on them and pray.”

Gospel of Matthew

The Cousin

Greeting a cousin from the hill country,

            She gave the news

            that would change the world,

            and her cousin knew why

and she blessed her.


“Blessed are you among women”

Gospel of Luke