At One


Feelings of love abound

unlimited by knowledge of someone,

Yet enhanced if present.


Learning to see them all for what they are,

Not what appears to us visually.

Bonds forming without words,

Like radium, present,

But undiscovered.


Until now.




Today I am going to notice

What’s going on

Just for an untimed moment,

To linger,

dangle in the present,

Not reflecting, just considering,

Savoring the existing,

Not moving on,


Or reacting,

But rather

Letting it dissolve

In my mouth,

Without expectations of reward,




Just leaving it alone with me;

In a timeless exercise.


I will not wonder whether others are watching,

Fill my mind with expectations of how I look, or feel to others,

But purely be present,

As a human who observes,

Their surroundings,

In this Garden of Eden,

And suffering,

And most of all … love.


Today I will be Atticus Finch,

Perhaps not “climbing into their skin”

But at least noticing.

What makes someone cry,

Or smile.

Why a leaf droops in the evening shade,

And strains upwards in the mid-day sun.


Taking as many moments as it takes to notice,

And then capturing it, carefully,

Like the smell of a home-cooked meal,

Where words won’t describe,

The inner warmth

Felt by just a pure, heartfelt,



A connection without words,

the presence of God.


I Don’t Have Status

I wanted to leave early,

politely asking to get on the standby list.

“Do you have status” growled the agent,

“I am a person, does that count”, I replied hopefully.

Unamused, she denied me and asked for $75 instead.


Leaving the line, I returned again,

This time in hope of a more human response,

But again no was the answer. “You don’t have status, there is nothing I can do”

I enquired “What is status”

It means you are named, (in our database),

Like a precious stone or metal.

Are you Gold?

Are you Silver?

Are you Platinum?

Are you Ruby?

Are you Sapphire?


I replied, now dejected at my new found status,

“I am nothing”


So I paid up, and found my new found status.

In the eyes of American Airlines.

“Unworthy to even wait”

Inhaling Life Deeply

Birds at Dawn

Inhaling life deeply,

creates a rush of energy and oxygen to the brain,

stimulating all aspects of the mind and heart,

fulfilling the desires of new experience and the wisdom therein.


Till we reach the new resting place,

and gather our wind for the next episode.


Tuesday night in Mundelein

Tuesday night in Mudelein

The computer cropped my banal photograph,

taken in a glorious moment of idleness,

the evening before.


Who is it who decides an image is meaningless?

just a set of pixels or spots for our eyes and God to make useful.

Certainly not I, as this image,

Hidden in a bigger image,

Now means something to me the following morning.


Dormant for weeks,

Unused by me, and probably others,

It remains a communication tool on a desk,

No longer used for that purpose,

Rather, now a decorative item.

Reminding us of times gone by.


When conversations caused us to talk and listen,

By its mere location.



Obscuration can start as a strategy,

or an end in itself.

Maybe to hide intention,

It often starts with a foggy window,

limiting delivery of the truth,

ready to collect dirt,

Until, purposefully,

it becomes not a window,

but an image in itself.


Hiding all beyond it,

Making others stop short of their destinations.


Without knowing what is beyond.





Nature’s clutter


Some of us can be happy with clutter,

even knowing we should tidy it up,

yet leaving it for the Springtime or other such procrastination.


How does nature deal with clutter?

Seems like it just absorbs it,

changing it beautifully into something God intended,

without worry,

or self-examination,

or tension.


Turning chaos into peace.




Understanding is not reasoning of the mind,

In fact it only leads to conflict and judgment.

To take up of positions of the heart,

much firmer than those of scientific or man-made rationality.


Over time, these become as immovable as a mountain,

fixed in place, so others have to go round them,

Or recognize, “do you see that mountain up ahead?”


Let my understanding become of the heart.


Where positions and events are just that.

Waypoints on a soul’s journey through life.