I Don’t Have Status

I wanted to leave early,

politely asking to get on the standby list.

“Do you have status” growled the agent,

“I am a person, does that count”, I replied hopefully.

Unamused, she denied me and asked for $75 instead.


Leaving the line, I returned again,

This time in hope of a more human response,

But again no was the answer. “You don’t have status, there is nothing I can do”

I enquired “What is status”

It means you are named, (in our database),

Like a precious stone or metal.

Are you Gold?

Are you Silver?

Are you Platinum?

Are you Ruby?

Are you Sapphire?


I replied, now dejected at my new found status,

“I am nothing”


So I paid up, and found my new found status.

In the eyes of American Airlines.

“Unworthy to even wait”

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