Today I am going to notice

What’s going on

Just for an untimed moment,

To linger,

dangle in the present,

Not reflecting, just considering,

Savoring the existing,

Not moving on,


Or reacting,

But rather

Letting it dissolve

In my mouth,

Without expectations of reward,




Just leaving it alone with me;

In a timeless exercise.


I will not wonder whether others are watching,

Fill my mind with expectations of how I look, or feel to others,

But purely be present,

As a human who observes,

Their surroundings,

In this Garden of Eden,

And suffering,

And most of all … love.


Today I will be Atticus Finch,

Perhaps not “climbing into their skin”

But at least noticing.

What makes someone cry,

Or smile.

Why a leaf droops in the evening shade,

And strains upwards in the mid-day sun.


Taking as many moments as it takes to notice,

And then capturing it, carefully,

Like the smell of a home-cooked meal,

Where words won’t describe,

The inner warmth

Felt by just a pure, heartfelt,



A connection without words,

the presence of God.


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