The Long Way Home

I can take the time today

Slow it down, back the truck up

Thirty years or so

To a world seen through my simple,

Seven year old eyes.

The buildings are bigger

I seem smaller but full of wonder

And see all with that first time feeling

When all is memorable,

If not remembered.

Like Harper Lee’s Scout all is clearer

Now I have stopped living in my adult future.

To glimpse the present,

As only a child can.

So here I AM,

Vulnerable and noticing like once before

Again a child

Reflecting and seeing the day anew.

The Lilies in the Pond

The lilies remain separate, seemingly undisturbed

And unconnected.

In all but names,

Justice, Self-care and Fortitude,

Strange names for their green platforms,

Home to the activity of many creatures.

Below the surface,

The mother lies, Prudence.

Waiting for leaves to shake,

Sending nourishment below,

And receiving it above.

Each day.

A stone arrives from a mortal being,

Disturbing the calm scene,

Sending water and waves to affect all their parts.

But leaves move in unison,

As Prudence directs calmly from below.

Unfazed and happy to see another encounter,

Bringing them together.

The New Eve

We have no need to be shameful of our nakedness,

Only thoughts and deeds can do that.

For the body selected was to bring His likeness to us,

And thereby making clear who we are,

And why we are.

Our body is the temporary carrier,

Of a permanent situation.

Nevertheless beautiful in every

Curve, particular, smile,

Ready to act on behalf of others.

And nourish our soul,

As it moves closer towards Him.