The Schoolhouse Window

Sealed in the place of knowledge,

Sunlight keeps me staring at the wall,

And not what lies beyond the window.


A box full of learning to explore,

And expand a mind.

New friends to know and play with,

Fights in the playground,

And, perhaps my lifelong partner.


Time to find the door.


The Hinge of Desire


A heart smiles broadly,

And fills itself with life giving blood.


The bliss of human love is superseded by the shared love of God.

And glimpsed for many, coupled peace-filled instants.




Only to be interrupted by a self, asking for more.

Unsatisfied with perfect love, even when felt,

It goads the mind,

To overcome the heart,

And move somewhere where control dominates once more.

To fill a world with self-centered desire,


Which has no goodness, love or relation to others.

Only destruction of self and relation with God.