The Window

Translucent always,

Nature passes through me,

Without much change,

Reflecting the mood and season.


At night I become a lighthouse,

Beckoning those who want to visit,

Or are lost in the dark.

Where lumens spill out,

Onto a garden path,

Leading to a cracked open door.


Welcoming all those seeking friendship and love.


The Experience

Ineffable, indescribable, unworldly.

Yet of this world,

And all others,

Now understood for the first time.
The small messages,

Dreams, visions, episodes,

Beautiful but confusing

Did not prepare me,

For the revelation.


Of oneness with God.



The droplet travels from its cloud of unknowing,

Onto the rock,

On a hillside,

As a snowflake,

Or hail,

Finding my place in gravity,

With all the others.


Happily I wait for a destination,

As if a train on a journey,

When I find I am already there,

In the stream,

Below the river,

Oxygen to the fish,

Water for the thirsty.


Until, now with all others,

I remain,

In the ocean with thee,

I AM at one.


The Flimsy Wall

This barrier of the mind,

Erected by self-love,

But not of the right kind.

Exclusive now to me,

I sit in the room,

Surrounded by possessions,

I cannot take anywhere,

But nevertheless hold them tight,

Controlling them after death,

Manipulating those final possessions after I go.


All the time the desire I seek,


Is there in my room,

Staring out,

Calling out,

Shouting now,

From my precious things,

Showing their worthlessness,

A barrier to Peace.


As death closes in,

They are rearranged,

A wall,

Complete with graffiti of a life almost wasted,

Now revealed.


Peace and Love was in the room always.


The Now

Now I have noticed you,

A mystical nature is suddenly there.

Never before to appear,

And only to last for a moment,

Or an hour.


It seemed everlasting,

Awareness like no drug could provide,

Seeing with my soul,

How things are, for the first time.

O precious moment.


Stay with me.






Sun sets one more time,

On these timeless markers,

Stones with memories etched into them,

From those who cared,

Now lying in the fresher ground,

Still disturbed by the recent send-offs and shovels,

Into an eternity without any pauses or breadth-holding.


At last, to be with God. Forever.




When all is not just oneness,

But Love is shared,

With those you don’t know well,

And Pain is felt,

In others as if you are hurting,

Then you are One.


When a mind cannot think for itself,

But feels a presence directing every move.

When a body controls desires,

As if it should never offend,

Then you are One.


When a tree is a friend,

And you miss it’s presence,

Then you are One.


I AM interconnected.


Total Trust

Formed in love everlasting,

A move towards the divine,

In ever-increasing circles,

Like a labyrinth,

Each step closer.


But then we stumble,

And doubt,

Falter, but do not fall,

As trust missed a step.

For the encounter can only come when love leads us to total trust.


When all obstacles dissolve in inner peace.



I AM the wall of the building I walk towards,

I AM the bricklayer who cut cold hands making it straight,

I AM the waitress serving me coffee as she laments her divorce,

I AM the girlfriend I disappointed,

I AM The tree waiting for spring,

I AM the crying child in the street.


I AM connected.