A Million Memories

A million memories race through my mind,
too many to capture and feel
too few because of the interruption of you.

Goodbye is not a word that works for now.
Too short and final
somehow impermanent,
unlike our love and times together
which was and is

Now I need to grasp those memories,
And preciously hold them in our two hands.
Because love cannot be extinguished,
And our love is eternal.

A Family

It’s no longer just me and her,

him and me.

Gone are days of window shopping

for pleasure or meaning.


All is changed now.

An instance of our love is here,

an everlasting soul,

our beautiful child,

a gift from God.

Now we are different.

No longer just love shared together

but love outpouring, boundless, inseparable, without limit.

We are a family.

Teddy Goes To Charity

Misbehaving again,

so mom decides to teach me about a new word … charity.

“I am going to take this teddy from you and give it to a Charity.”

She takes Ted and gives him away.


Fortunately, it was not one of my favorites, so I didn’t miss it at all.

Holding the Baby

Not silent, but sleeping with a peace

hardly known to this world

the newborn is swaddled in love.

Breathing in and out

a soft breath that knows no anger or fault

bad thoughts, or deeds,

only love. Inhaled and exhaled with each breath.


Sitting quietly I gaze.

Dreamily feeling peace radiant from new lungs

touched by the “breath of life”.

God’s gift is in my hands.

Day One

What it is like to be here at last.

Lots of kerfuffle it seems,

funny noises and people making sounds that feel like love

all around me.


They have given me a sound.

My own personal sound it seems,

someone called it a name

which I guess means that if I ever get separated from my parents,

I could tell someone (if I knew how to speak).


But who would ever want to get separated from their parents.


Clouds obscure the sun,

while providing shelter from it

limiting vision of all beyond,

creating imperfect apparitions.


A north wind blows clouds refusing to disperse,

who merely move, stage left, to limit another’s view

that is until the sun emerges and

dispenses with them in all goodness.

I Had It for a Moment

I had it for a moment.

A relationship with great promise

Fulfillment spilling everywhere.

As happens when you make a change in someone’s life,

once they pass back to you in a wonderful consolation;

peace and joy you can share with all around.


Then they are gone,

moved to a “better” teacher,

a more challenging challenge,

steeper slopes.


Now I have to move on, and rejoice in their success and my own loss.