I am not disturbed

Or confused,

But perplexed.

Why would they behave this way?

Only for short term gain.

Why don’t they see what I see?

Is this a movie or worse a play?

A play where the script

is being written by another force;

One they don’t see or recognize

overtaking their lives.

Leaving me here like some bystander

Who can see the consequences,

When no one else seems to care.


Or is this a call to action?

Not to just regret or pray for change in others;

Not of the body or mind

But of the heart.

This observational state I am now in

Let’s me see the actions

And but a glimpse of motivation,

Mostly it shows me futility

And meaninglessness in a 3D movie

Now my working life.

So perplexing.

Yet there is something more than just the perplexing;

Like dynamic revelation

I see more, yet don’t quite understand

Perhaps that’s enough for now.

And if I pour love in the stew I see

All will see the meal they are creating.

Leading them to change.

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