The Past Revisited

Don’t dismiss it, relegate it to the place we know does not exist;

The land of forgotten bad memories.

I tried to stuff all those along with the dog that bit me, my first firing, and what I thought was a love lost.

But like a Golden Retriever, my enthusiastic memory just keeps working; putting them to the front of the line again.


Forgetfulness is deemed a failing,

A failing of love; a failing to remember;

A failing to please; a failing … except

Those memories we want to erase forever.


The memories are not the problem; it is my ability to process them, to understand, to find the love in them,

It’s in there somewhere, hidden in the corner we know as forgiveness.

And there we will find ourselves, and the clue to understanding all.

Standing alone in the corner, the one who awaits all. Love.

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