Ship on a Mission

The ship is full of troops, all aligned on a mission.

A mission to destroy those who will not submit,

to dominance and control.


Sailing through south pacific waters in perfect conditions.

Clear water, no storms,

cruising past islands of pagan civilizations,

untouched by war;

who had never even seen a gun.


Natives admire the strange vessel sent by the Gods

now passing their horizon at sunset.


Thinking what could it mean?



Sitting on each face it belies its hidden treasure,

inviting us to look only when prompted by second glances,

to enter deeper.

Or perhaps something encouraging returned,

a smile, a glance, a request for affirmation.


Taken and received from the heart,

beauty is the means we survive.

For food and shelter are needed,

but only sustain, not enrich.


Beauty illuminates all.

Here for a reason,

a gateway to love,

a light which shows God cares and loves.








The other side of the Mirror

The other side of the mirror speaks to me in dreams,

Of lives affected by my decisions,

The could have been,

Would have been,

Of children, who might have looked different, but never happened.


Not of regret, there is only one mirror.

That reflects a present … and past;

Written in lines on the face looking at me,

On the side that shows the choices

and path chosen.


The other side is perhaps greed,

To live more than one life,

Or to spread myself thin,

Or experience too many lives,

Never satisfied with the one lived.

Disturb yourself not,

For eternity will provide the answers,

Where there is no past, only a reckoning of sorts,

And the future is the present,

when all will be revealed not in regret,

But in perfect peace and harmony.



A Faustina Moment

In one all-knowing moment I see the greatness behind it all.

Not a collection of research, or even experiences before,

As if they were redundant,

But a material understanding,

One of the heart,

Not purely of the mind,

As if just washed all over, with warm clean water for the first time.


This grace cannot be requested, or even earned,

it just happens, delightfully, and out of our control.

However, once experienced it is to be loved, protected and relished.


And pray others may enjoy His presence in their lives soon.

Celebrate America (view of a modern day immigrant)


Much to celebrate being a part of this country.

Welcoming and challenging,

seemingly no limits

and heritage doesn’t count or hinder

but is of interest, later,

after you have proved yourself worthy.


German, African, Scottish, English, Norwegian, Chinese,

we are now all Americans first and what brought us here second.

Holding the same drivers licenses,

paying the same taxes,

living the same dream,

that life can be better,

And full of hope.


When we land we have to rely on others welcomes,

our own willingness to work,

and desire to love this new country,

not to judge the meal before tasting it.


I have tasted the meal,

And I like it.

But I really love those who share it with me.

While we remember important words.


One nation under God.




Blue and Green

Blue and green are two favorite colors,

Matching the eyes of my lover,

and the backdrop to each beautiful day.


These are the colors of nature’s soul.

Somehow, never gloomy,

even when skies are dark,

as His rain readies itself,

to provide the living water plants cry out for.


As should we.


Meet the Nefarious Me

How much can I hurt the others whom I am supposed to love most?

Constantly building a refrain of blame,

pointing everywhere but inside.

Where the real action is going on.


I can deliver it so well now, it appears without feeling,

I can even justify it, based on others differing beliefs.

See how clever I have become,

or is it the other guy influencing me.


Now as the list of ailments increases,

and the pain of others becomes obvious;

They move beyond patience to protection,

as they need a shield from the nefarious ways of the other guy.

The other guy who I don’t recognize,

because of his disguise.


As me.


Light in my Life


Each of us is like a light sensor

recording each moment;

Its color,

Its sound

Its feeling

The intention.


What does this mean?

This signal to change.

To go to work …

Answer a door …

To meet our God …



Of all these signals

Light is the loudest.

It sounds the bells of winter and summer,

Informs us when to rest,

The geography of a souls journey.


Light allows us to see something,

Or not by its absence

It can pass through things,

as leaves absorbing its goodness.


Light shows us color,

Which man reasons as waves

and the soul receives as beauty.

The splendor of creation amplified.


Today let me be a light sensor,

Recording all the beauty and the horror of a day,

Let it soak deeply into a memory of remembrance,

where I can discern what meaning and actions to take from the images.




Moving ever towards union with its creator,

Tiny steps we sometimes call “a prayerful moment”

Will lead us to delight and then peace.