Celebrate America (view of a modern day immigrant)


Much to celebrate being a part of this country.

Welcoming and challenging,

seemingly no limits

and heritage doesn’t count or hinder

but is of interest, later,

after you have proved yourself worthy.


German, African, Scottish, English, Norwegian, Chinese,

we are now all Americans first and what brought us here second.

Holding the same drivers licenses,

paying the same taxes,

living the same dream,

that life can be better,

And full of hope.


When we land we have to rely on others welcomes,

our own willingness to work,

and desire to love this new country,

not to judge the meal before tasting it.


I have tasted the meal,

And I like it.

But I really love those who share it with me.

While we remember important words.


One nation under God.




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