Light in my Life


Each of us is like a light sensor

recording each moment;

Its color,

Its sound

Its feeling

The intention.


What does this mean?

This signal to change.

To go to work …

Answer a door …

To meet our God …



Of all these signals

Light is the loudest.

It sounds the bells of winter and summer,

Informs us when to rest,

The geography of a souls journey.


Light allows us to see something,

Or not by its absence

It can pass through things,

as leaves absorbing its goodness.


Light shows us color,

Which man reasons as waves

and the soul receives as beauty.

The splendor of creation amplified.


Today let me be a light sensor,

Recording all the beauty and the horror of a day,

Let it soak deeply into a memory of remembrance,

where I can discern what meaning and actions to take from the images.




Moving ever towards union with its creator,

Tiny steps we sometimes call “a prayerful moment”

Will lead us to delight and then peace.








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