The Flower


The Flower

It’s me here,

The Flower.

The one you have been waiting to bloom,

The one you have watered,

The one your sun shined upon,

Even when I didn’t deserve it.

It’s me here again,

Wondering if you are watching me,

Of course you are,

There I go again seeking attention,

Sorry …


Hi, I’m back again,

Asking those questions,

The ones about insecurity,

The ones about my heart,

Am I being true to you?


There, it’s out again,

The one worry I have,

As I act in the world,

With my gifts,

And my faults,

Am I with you always?

Please don’t think I am a child,

Even if I am.


For I know you love children,

I know you love me,

I know you love all.

And, even though I may be unsure sometimes,

Know that I love you.

With Loving Insecurity.

Your flowering daughter.

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