A Soulmate in Los Angeles


What was I thinking?

How can I feel this so deeply?

Aren’t we supposed to ration love?

Only to give it to those really close?

So they can know I love them more?



Love is unlimited.

There is no limit.

To the amount.

Who to give it to.

And how I feel about it.


So, worry not about soulmates.

Even if there to many,

And you find yourself in love with …

Well. Everyone to some extent.


And some who cannot do anything but give.

Because it is The Way.


Love does not need an agenda,

An explanation,

A reason even.


For we are all immersed in an ocean of love,

If only we try to stop swimming ashore,

And trust in outcomes.


For we cannot drown in a sea of love.

We will only feel its warmth and connectedness.


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