Looking Ahead

Heading Home

Where can I find them?

Those whom I can follow.

Those whom I will love.

The one who will be my lifetime love?


Searching in the google of my mind builds billions of options,

But I cannot boil the ocean;

Or find the perfect leader.

But now, let me rest a while.

And snuggle up to you, my God,

Like the child I was,

Safe and sound. (Pause for a few moments)


Now rested,

I see now I do not need to find others to follow.

Only you.

And discover I am the leader for your message,

Which you will reveal,

Once I start out,

And leave this place of compromise.

To do the work you want of me;

Trusting others will follow.


For I am your leader,

Your apostle.

Your complete companion.

And lover.


And will go into the divine darkness;

Holding your hand.

To do your Will.

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