Much has been said for many years since the death of Martin Luther King. Some individuals are called to do great things in their lives. I recall the timing of his death as memorable, as I did when Jack Kennedy was killed. This might not be surprising for you all as American citizens, but bear in mind I was in growing up in England when this happened.

The same spark he lit in people for justice and love with fairness resonated with me my teen years. Someone standing up for what is right and willing to be disobedient to ensure everyone understood he would not stand for it.

Who does this remind you of in scripture?

Yes, Jesus Christ was a rebel in his own time. He would not stand for the double standards of the Pharisees; the moneychangers in the Temple and those willing to stone the adulteress. He stood up for the downtrodden, but also put down those stood in judgment of others without compassion, understanding, love and justice.

This week we have the opportunity to reflect on how difficult it is to actually operate as a Christian in our divided world. The sacrifice of Dr. King illustrates how far some are willing to go to ensure the voice of equality is not just heard, but exercised.

It makes me consider if I am really sticking up for the disenfranchised and others who need help? Am I doing enough to make a Christian voice heard in a wilderness of divisiveness which envelopes much of the conversation today?

Dr. King reminds us all of the greatest love of all. The willingness to lay down your life for a friend. (John 15:13) In Dr. King’s case, he also did it for many who perhaps were not his friend at the time.

Martin Luther King … A reminder of Hope


The face is now silent,

Yet calls us to break from the stone,

To speak and act for justice and love.

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