The Prominent Thought

Not just a niggle,

The big one bursts into the room,

Flooding the floor with its presence,

Disturbing all the peace surrounding it,

Which is still visible,

But now irrelevant.


The big one could be fear itself, or her daughter,

Desire, the often-unwanted visitor,

Steps onto the floor, naked and pervasive,

Knowing how to become the center of attention.

Who drives these thoughts?

The source of what may become life changing moments,


Sometimes encapsulated in a single word, Or even silence,

As the cold-shouldered devil displays its cunning.

All designed to excite, invoke, and motivate.

Some action or response in us,

Which comes not from peace,

Or love, or especially God.


To self-destroy our spirit.


Let me return to the peaceful scene and scatter this thought.

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