Day Five–Read to Me Daddy


Read to me tonight dad,
It’s really not so late,
I want to hear that Seuss,
Just once again, it’s great

Oh don’t say that you’ll be up,
The minutes ticking by,
I am getting lonely here,
Myself and just one book.

I love it when you read to me,
Oh do so come and tell,
It is the only time we get,
To have our hug and spell.

Dad, the book is open on my bed,
I have the page right here
Is Dr. Seuss so dead?
Oh do come up and read.

Maybe he will come quite soon,
I’m getting rather sleepy,
Happy are the sounds down there,
Perhaps work has made him weary.

It’s morning now, my school day starts,
I’m off to early art,
Perhaps tonight I’ll win the prize,
Seuss and right from the start;

Oh Daddy, come and read to me.

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