Alt Path



Holding her hand in a grip,

Which will not hurt, caressing, but not easy to shake.

Like the time we have spent here together,

Traveling encased in a dream which has lasted all those years.

We walked together.


Here now was the alternative path,

Close to the coastal wall,

Tall, make of Celtic stone and surrounded by a hedge of many years,

Making it full on impassable.


Years ago it was narrow, but easily navigated,

The alt path now blocked by the darkness,

Even though it is full on daylight,

On this coastal day in Wales.


We are forced back to the main path

Perfectly cleared of any debris, illuminated and almost straight,

Making it clear where we are called to go,

But winding enough to make it interesting,

Filled with parts unseen to increase that Holy Longing

Which is our love for each other,


And for Him.

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