The Kiss

Daily prayers and meditations | Because God wants to hear from us every day


The touch which cannot be removed,

Only retold and re-experienced.

A moment of love,

Where two have come together,

As desire and mystery,

Place their mark on a soul.


Permanent in its lack of words,

Like a seal, a watermark,


She holds all the answers,

Amongst a tangle of confusion,

And hidden meanings.


We may never know why,

She has the power,

To renew, reignite,

As spontaneous combustion,

In a desert of meaningless feelings.


She returns to show love,

Can always prevail;

Cannot be held back, or even accountable,

For soft paint strokes of desire,

Transmitted softly, electrically,

In a commitment motivated by love.


For a kiss,

Is reserved for the closest moments,

Where words fail,

Mere noise of self-expression,

When compared to the silent union.

Of two souls fastened together, now united.


The bond therein,

Should not be taken lightly,

As if salt with food,

Or a trifling drug,

But sacramentally,

Reserved for those who matter, ones we guarantee a future place in our heart.


Savor her,

Don’t use her sparingly,

Rather carefully,

As a heart speaks loudly,

Devoid of words,

As moist lips touch and tell each other of true love.



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