“What the world needs now” …

Burt said it well, describing the pain of separation,

Isolation from love, each other … God.

Pain well defined. Spelt without anesthetic.


Each moment is an opportunity to recover,

To savor how the other soul will encounter God,

Not through a predefined, quiet moment alone,

But through you … and me. Just that.


All them up, all those meetings, words, unspoken signs, actions.

Thousands upon thousands, each day, month … year.

Stacking up like pebbles on the beach,

Washed by sand and tide now reflect their value.


Each little washed pebble has its effect,

Making them cleaner, brighter, smoother;

Or covering them in dank seaweed, rotting unpleasantly from the encounter.

Waiting for the seventh wave to rid them of the smelling morass encircling them.


Each chance, every instant, is yet another chance to put right.

To unseparate ourselves from God,

To be close to Him.

“To be close to you” ,,,

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