It Happened Today-Reprise


Not just a photo locked in time,

It happened today.

There was no movie reel to return to,

Not a memory exactly,

Certainly no fragment to be savored,

But the real thing.


Suddenly; the past is no more.

Well, technically, it is, but you know,

That just something we say,

Because it helps others relate to it.

Otherwise they think we are crazy.

Because we can only “interact” with the now. Or so it seems.


Yet it is not so anymore.

There are no yesterdays, or tomorrows, or even today.

Just being. That’s it.

The real discovery, is it happened today.

Sonja Kristina had a better explanation; the soul giving out.


More than awareness, the past is alive, it is sacred.

Each moment captured as if it just happened,

Not recollection, but instant reflections, fused into eternity.

So this time can be replayed, step by step, smell by smell, taste by taste.

Savoring my being, this unfathomable gift from God.


So now all that is left is feeling.

Feeling all the love, the disappointments, the many continuous returns of the Prodigal.

Continually replayed until fully accepted, then swallowed.

Leaving the remnants of my existence,

Now spread like photos on the kitchen table.



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