Love Is …


Not defined by distance or separation,

Like a partially knitted garment, it cannot be undone,

Or forgotten, even if woven into something else,

In an effort to place it where your head desires.

The heart always has the last say.


Love does not need long to take root,

It does not need feeding, like a body needs water.

It recognizes immediately a bond invisible, but pervasive,

As a thought which cannot be expunged, from a reasoned mind.

Love resides in the soul.


Love’s comfortable seat waits, hidden in the dark corners of rooms,

Of a house not often visited,

Perhaps abandoned in the mind;

But never truly forgotten.

God’s reminder of past acts, or abandoned relationships, awaiting repair.


The fragments of life, the patchwork quilt calls for attention.

Not for completion but tenderness; therein lies peace.



For further inspiration refer to Psalm 139

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