The Slowing of Sight

Today, the darting stopped,

The glancing, intermittent, pulsating view of the world,

Was over.

Like brakes applied in the movie,

I was forced to stop and see the image for the first time.

As a still photographer looks for meaning in an instant,

Others will find each their own.


Now a fence is not a barrier but protection,

The sign on the old barn encouragement for my journey,

The need to gas up an opportunity to meet someone who lives here,

And a kind word to the waitress will brighten an otherwise dull day.


For this we are rewarded.

By seeing the difference between light

And dark,

By slowing down we see all the tonality of life,

Filled out,

In actions and gestures,

In static monuments of man,

Of our progress in life.


Just by slowing our sight.

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