The Day of the Waterfall

It seemed as if the dam forming would last forever,

As I could not see over the edge,

Or feel the pressure building up behind me.

Like the frog in the water, not noting a gradual warming.

Till at last it happened.

First my head was thrust onto the rocks,

Letting me peer at all below in the pool for a second,

Then it was as if all the wrestlers hurled me forward,

Each one with a unique and special strength.

So, unexpected, I flew across the top,

Surrounded by a torrent of water to protect me,

As I was caught by God at the bottom of the pool.

Underneath, all bubbles, I wanted to breathe,

But didn’t.

Suddenly, the illness seems to be passing to the next phase,

Where he can drift down the river,

Away from the noise and the needles,

And blue frocked hearts.

And he finds his way home.

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