I’ll See You In Heaven


It won’t be long now

Just a lifetime

Before we can talk again


No need to worry about others

And what they think

About our friendship.

A word surrounded by barriers,

As well as love,

In this earthly paradise.


Soon those limits will be gone

And freedom and truth

Will be the marks of our love

For each other.


Not just agape love

Or erotic love

Or some other love

conjured by man

To poorly explain

our unfit and homeless,

Human desires and wants.


But rather free flowing love





From the source of all love

who will enfold us In unimaginable rapture for God and each other


Where deeds are irrelevant

The past is not present

There is no will in any

Just the presence of God

and that is all.


A pervasive consolation

Where we live not together

But in each other.

As the glimpse of oneness becomes

Permanent and permanence itself.


So it is here we will enfold,

At last as the true friend we always wanted to be

When the limits and measures are turned off

Forever and completely.


And this little glimpse gives me hope

And simple desire

To surrender this pathetic love

I have felt so far

Into the glory that will be the interminable future

Where our love for each other

Just is.

Unspoken, because words are unnecessary

And unworthy

To describe such a state.


Let me savor this waiting moment

With the taste of true love.


This little visit from a mystical God.


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