The Peace of Dawn

Lough Derg Sunrise 2


Nothing can compare to that sunrise of Saint Patrick.

Of the returning sun once thought pagan,

Bringing light to a dark and chilly world.


Without this light and warmth we could not feel His arms around us

reassuring us with another day.


But, today’s light is different;

Of heavenly proportions it contains the peace I seek,

Undiluted and carefully painted on the canvas of my mind

But designed to immerse my soul in love.


A love reflected in the tranquil waters

which only echo light this morning,

undisturbed by the sun’s brothers wind or rain.


Letting our only thought be the reason we are here,

On this island, praying all night

In a Basilica of love.


The reward has come early this morning,

With a glimpse of what is to come.



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