Snowing In My Mind, Again


It’s snowing in my mind again.

As thoughts float through my day,

cold flakes hit my eye dissolving into fake tears,

showing my limited powers to retain their form

or control them in some way;

forcing them to become a fully paid up member of Me.


Yet at the same time they contribute to the snowstorm

which is my life today.


As the flurry continues, bewitchingly they fall to the ground,

each one different, but now enjoined.

Laying together, no longer flakes but now a delicate cover,

flakiness dissolved and intermingled one to another,

retaining uniqueness, but now something else.

Thoughts merged, in a pure appearance; the white carpet of nature.


Transforming beauty is revealed by a single mind,

a reality of thoughts combined.

Releasing tears this time; streaming, uncontrollable tears of joy.

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