Spanish in the Woods

Spanish in the Woods

Walking in the woods I recite the words in preparation

for my real el Camino de Santiago,

learning “welcome, goodbyes and ¡holas” whispered gently,

by a seductive voice in my ear.


Meanwhile, footprints are left behind,

with little trace of my presence,

as muscles build endurance,

at the price of physical wearinessness.


But my mind becomes more peaceful with each step.


Now, hours later, exhaustion and thirst begins,

as my mind remembers times of relaxation and love in my life,

and respectfully asks for a break.

Somehow the words from the earpiece are hollow now,

each one conjures up dreams of refreshing, cool water from a mountain stream,

or a Sunday morning sleep in with spouse and child cuddled in rhapsody.


I turn the lesson off and listen to the silence of my own breadth,

now panting and a little constricted, as airways sometimes become in Springtime.

The language lesson switched to a channel oft turned off.

One where my heart talks to my mind and intellect,

in simple and universal terms.


The language of Peace and Love.










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