My Soul Just Fainted

Streets closed off, each with a man in a light gabardine coat,

concealing something in a perambulator,

unliving yet dangerous,

each loaded with anticipation, mumbles to a co-conspirator,

and waves me on without prejudice.

As if I am some sort of important man,

But I don’t know why.

Walking towards the perimeter, each road is the same,

Dressed the same, lookouts in place,

All wave acknowledgement of some unknown mission.

My soul faints a little more.


Meeting the man who was also the vesper

greeting me from a door years old,

Leads me into the vestibule.

Talking of nothing in particular save the functions of an old Church.

Suddenly all is vibrant and noisy as many exit from the practice room;

sounds of happiness from a preparation completed well.

Music books and scripture in hand,

as if cherished children and scrolls of import.

Those withdrawing include his son and redhead daughter,

Previously unknown, she stands alert, serene,

a beauty not of this world, immersed with peace and love.

Fixated on me in a first meeting.

That bodes happiness together. Forever.

My soul faints some more.

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