Sixteen and hungry for experience,


Neither man nor child,

I try to be the man, (I am)

most of the time,

But am scared like the child (I am),

some of the time.




Life is all forward; instant gratification,


Moments of pleasure, strung together like rosary beads,


knitted by man.


A new motorcycle,



evening at the pub,

Zeppelins new album.










Now, an older man,


The rear view mirror is my main source of vision,


Regrets cloud the windshield, and looking back seems easier,

Except I can only see the scene of the accident

that just happened—years ago

stuck in this YouTube movie of this event

like Groundhog Day.




How I long for the present,


To live now

and savor nourishment,





as if each one was the most important in my life. Which it is.


Show me the way of noticing,


leading to awareness.


And ignore the coming features, which are all nightmares,


or Classics I can’t relive.


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